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Welcome to the creative den :3

I shall define myself a digital artist.

3D designer if you wish, over the past ten years I worked with artists and professional studios hands
on architecture, environmental plans, design, prototyping and such. After a shift towards plain CGI and visualization I'm now back to my main interests, that are product and interior design, while also running
a web deployed Creative Studio in my spare time.
I do like harmony and beauty: CGI, Photography and Design are my means to say so. My signature is synthetic contrast, with plenty of room for every mind to roam and find itself. North Italian sobriety and South Italian primal warmth are the immediately recognized imprints, while a quirky London's kick finishes what have been my successful touch for many years.Please, enjoy my photographic and CG portfolio, check my services out and drop me a line if I can make your ideas come true.

  • little blue monster
  • dental implants
  • ww2 truck
  • shark photomerge
  • cheescake photograph

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